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Why Choose Us?

Company Philosophy -

The Home care team was opened in 2006. The primary reason for opening the agency was to provide the type of quality that is not always seen in our industry. One way we ensure this high level of quality is by using RN’s to assess and monitor the care we provide as well as the health of our clients to help prevent problems and rehospitalizations. This also helps us to pick the right caregiver or home health aide for each client. Making sure that our caregivers and home health aides have the correct skill level and knowledge base is key. We feel that by doing what is “right” for our clients, we can really make a difference in their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Our caregivers are hand picked because we only want to hire the most compassionate and loving caregivers to help our clients. We want to personally thank you for visiting us and encourage you to contact us for any further information.

Thank you.

How We Choose the Most Dedicated and Caring Employees

Choosing the highest quality caregivers and home health aides starts first of all with the desire of our team to provide care unlike any other agency. It takes time and effort to find, hire and retain great employees. We feel we have found a system for doing this that really works. It is equally important to look into the hearts of our applicants to find people who really love helping others. This translates into great care and happy employees who stay with our company long term . Our staff has a true desire to touch those we work with and really make a difference in their lives.

Other Ways We Screen Our Employees

ยท Level II Background Checks performed

· All employees have to pass a drivers license back ground check to ensure safe transportation of our clients

· Extensive reference checks are done to see the work history and the applicant’s work ethic

· Experience level verifications are done to assess skill level

· All employees are licensed and bonded

· All employees are covered under workman compensation and are employees of The HomeCare Team with payroll taxes paid, to protect our clients from liabilities.

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